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KarbonStream® Simplifies Data Capture with World's First Write-on Pad

"Breakthrough KarbonPad® tablet instantly translates writing into actionable data, using ordinary paper, pens and pencils.

Orlando, January 24, 2012 - Today, KarbonStream® Corporation announces the launch of KarbonPad, a patent-pending write-on tablet that makes it easier to collect, analyze and use data. Its powerful processor employs a stroke-analysis algorithm that recognizes numbers and symbols, instantly translating written information into data. It measures 14.5 inches by 10.5 inches, lightweight but very sturdy at 2.2 pounds.

The primary design of KarbonPad is to make it very simple to use. Hence, no special equipment is needed - only ordinary paper, pens, pencils and erasers are used. All done with no human intervention.

"For years, our teachers have wrestled with testing systems that are difficult to use, time-consuming and disconnected from learning," says KC Lim, KarbonStream CEO and President. KarbonPad seeks to rectify all of that by allowing teachers to test frequently and get results immediately without changing the way they work. Additionally, teachers can use their own paper tests with KarbonPad.

Mr. Lim explains, "Though we designed KarbonPad with teachers in mind, its creation is fundamentally driven by the belief that every child deserves a fighting chance to succeed. We see KarbonPad as a clear way of providing that chance. With KarbonPad, regular assessments and timely feedback can be executed very simply, giving teachers back more teaching time to help students improve."

Merriell Smith, Federal Programs Director for Orangeburg District 4 in South Carolina, echoed similar sentiments: "It shocked me, and greatly impressed me, to see the motivation, excitement and enthusiasm of the teachers and students using KarbonPad in the classroom. So often we get data in a manner that makes it difficult to use, but I can see KarbonPad providing valuable data very quickly to teachers for them to drive instruction."

In schools, KarbonPad can be used widely, for summative and formative assessments, Response to Intervention, Special Education and as a teaching tool. Teachers can administer paper tests in different formats (bubble sheets, multiple choice, written answers), on-board clicker buttons can be used for classroom quizzes, and oral tests can be given using microphone-enabled headsets.

Product Availability

KarbonPad will be available from March 2012 and can be purchased through seat licenses or by annual subscription. The product is sold in sets of 10 tablets housed in a convenient charging crate, and the package includes unlimited teacher and administrator access to online software for student test results and a test repository.

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